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Online Money Making Practices


Google Adsense is the service provided by Google especially for video designers, website owners, and bloggers to show advertisement in site and earn money. An advertisement can be a small video, Text ad, image or might be of all 3. An advertiser or the website owner can earn some money when the visitor clicks on any advertisement on website based on pay per click or on impression based model. Here the owner has to just link the website or you tube channel to the Google adsense account free of cost. 

At DSCR Institute of Digital Marketing we are going to guide you to be the top on online money making practices through you tube channel, or through blog. The training program at DSCR designed in an advanced format of in and out tips on maintaining a Google Adsense account. Our experts will educate you on how to maintain the account along with doing marketing of your blog and Youtube channel to earn more and more traffic which invites more earning of money too. 

Online Money Making

There are several methods as well to earn money online as like Affiliate Marketing. Join today DSCR Institute of Digital Marketing the Best institute in Bhubaneswar to know the techniques and processes on earning money from Online however the age, demographic, gender doesn’t matter.

Online Money Making Practices Syllabus at DSCR Institute of Digital Marketing

You Tube
  • Blogging Practices
  • Domain Purchase
  • Hosting Purchase
  • Setting up Blog
  • WordPress Blog setupp
  • Affiliate Marketing Practices
  • Setting up Adsense Account
  • How to get Adsense Approval
  • How to start video channel in youtube
  • How to earn through youtube
  • How to partner with merchant
  • Blogging Tricks

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