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Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing or Google Adwords is the technique of internet marketing to promote a website to be Visible in Search Engine results pages through a paid advertising with an immediate effect. It is one of the most effective ways to grow and promote businesses in market place instantly and generating leads.

Search Engine Marketing refers to paid search marketing where you pay to Google to show up your ads in the search results.  There are many platforms to run paid ads.

Some major search marketing platforms are:

  • Google: AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • Yahoo: Search Ads

As compare to traditional marketing Adwords is the most widely used in SEM program and comparably low cost to run advertisement by set up an account, campaigns, ad groups and deciding Budgets. DSCR Institute of Digital Marketing educates on choosing the competitive keywords according to the bidding to make the campaign fruitful using workable strategies. Beyond that, there are a number of PPC advertising options on the major social networks.

The paid Ad concept is not only limited to Google Adwords rather than several other platforms also provides Banner advertisement, pay per click advertisement etc.

Search Engine Marketing

DSCR Institute of Digital Marketing SEM course module has designed to introduce to the paid search & techniques to use paid campaigns to drive more traffic & leads to your Business. We will briefly differentiate between the paid search & Organic search, different ways to use paid search, campaign strategies and to measure the effectiveness of campaigns through analytics. We are having industry experienced real time trainers to provide the easy and tricky ways of Search engine marketing to earn business leads with ease. Come and join us today to learn Advanced Digital Marketing Training program and the most important module Google Adwords from experts in Digital Classroom.

SEM Syllabus at DSCR Institute of Digital Marketing

  • Introduction to search engine marketing
  • Introduction to google adwords
  • campaign setup
  • adgroup and keyword setup
  • understanding adwords building
  • ad format and guidelines
  • Ad extension
  • campaigns, Adgroups and keywords Dashboard
  • conversion tracking
  • display ads/ Remarketing/Mobile marketing

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